Digital Laboratory

Digital Department

We excel in handling both fixed and removable cases, accommodating to both intraoral scans and traditional impressions.

Our technicians offer expert technical support and guidance to ensure the delivery of a product that exceeds expectation.


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Milling Center

 3 – ZirkonZahn Milling Units M1

Up3d  P52

UPCera A52

CeraMill Motion 2

Our milling center uses ZirkonZahn Milling Units M1 and CeraMill Motion 2 5-axis wet and dry milling machines for the production of all types of zirconia or e.Max crowns/bridges, custom abutments, and titanium implant bars.

Printing Center

Shining 3D AccuFab – L4K

FormLabs V3

2 – Ackuretta SOLs

Shining 3D AccuFab – D1